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JG Pest Control – What Insects Are Biting You As You Sleep?

Have you found that you are waking up with itchy spots or raised red areas? Do you have insect bites on your arms or legs when you wake up each day? If insects are biting you as you sleep, you probably what to know what is biting you. This way, you can find out how to get rid of them.

Identifying What Insects Are Biting You As You Sleep.

There are very few insects that bite at night. This means that it will be easier to identify which insects are biting you at night. The main insects that may be biting you as you sleep are bed bugs, mosquitos, fleas, gnats and midges. If you would like to know which of these insects are biting you as you sleep, you’ll need to look at the type of bite you have.

• Bed Bugs

If you are being bitten by bed bugs as you sleep, you will have bites that are small and red but extremely itchy. Have you noticed that the bites are all in a line? It’s likely that these are the makings of a bed bug. You may also see small spots of blood on your pillow or bed sheet. Again, this is the sign of a bed bug. Sometimes you can see dark spots on your bedding too. This is where the bed bugs have defecated on your bed after eating a meal of your blood.

• Mosquitos

Similar to bed bug bites, mosquito bites will also bed red and itchy. However, a mosquito bite will leave a small bump with an area of red skin around it. Mosquitos are also more common in the summer months. If you spot the bites on your body during this season, then chances are it is a mosquito. This is because they are more common around this time of the year.

• Fleas

Fleas will bite in small clusters. You will notice clusters of three or four bumps in a group when you have been bitten by fleas. Flea bites are a lot smaller than the bite marks seen by other night-time pests. Fleas are active in all seasons. If you have bites on your legs and ankles, or event around your waist and armpits, it is likely that these are flea bites.

• Gnats

Gnats will leave bites that are red and irritating. Whereas the flea bites will be in a pattern and bed bug bites in a line, gnats will bite in a scattered and random pattern. It is worth knowing that gnat bites can often cause allergic reactions. This could also lead to a fluid-filled blister.

• Midges

A midge’s bite will be more painful than itchy. If you are bitten by midges, then you’ll know about it. Midges, like gnats, are outdoor pests. They are unlikely to come inside, but you would notice their bite when you wake in the morning sometimes. This is especially the case if you went to an evening garden party, beer garden or a BBQ for example.

If you have woken with bites on your body and think you have pests in your home, call our team. We can talk you through what the pest could be and how we can help get rid of it for you. You deserve a pest-free and good nights sleep. Call our pest control team to see how we can help you.