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Freeze Treatments

Freezing is becoming an increasingly popular treatment method for removing pests – including moths and bed bugs – from infected fabrics. One of the benefits is that it doesn’t damage materials, making it an effective treatment for clothes moths and bed bug infestations in luggage.

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How Does a Pest Control Freeze Treatment Work?

This type of treatment can also be completed easily off site, so there is no need to close off any areas of your home or business, as you would with a heat treatment.

The temperature of an infested object will be held below freezing for between 48-72 hours. This successfully destroys all evidence of insects.

Although DIY freeze methods are possible, such as using a small chest freezer to chill belongings, often a deep professional freeze is required.

JG Pest Control is equipped with industrial specialist freezers, on site. These freezers are capable of dropping to temperatures as low as -22°C, removing all insects and eggs.

JG’s Treatment Using Specialist Freezers

  • JG Pest Control uses specialist freeze treatments to remove any eggs, nymphs and adult insects from infested luggage or clothes.
  • We provide a pickup and delivery service to hotels, residents and travelers to discreetly remove any infected items, to treat them on site.
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